MakePlans legal terms

Terms of service for MakePlans

MakePlans (the service) is a hosted web-based application that makes it possible for an organisation (the client) to manage their appointments and offer online booking for their customers (end-customers). The client has access to their own account (the account) using a login by individual users (the user). Usage of the service is bound by the terms in this agreement.

MakePlans is delivered by MakePlans AS (the provider), a company registered in Norway with registration number 817201342. This agreement is subjective to Norwegian law and the jurisdiction of the courts in Norway.

Pricing and billing

Current prices for the service is available on the MakePlans website. All prices are stated without any applicable taxes. Access to the account is billed in advance and usage charges such as SMS is billed based on usage.

The service cannot be resold without approval of the provider.

Data ownership

All data stored in the account is owned by the client. All data in the account can be exported by the client.

Data processing and storage

The client is responsible for having appropriate legal rights to obtain, store, and use data in the account.

The provider is the data processor for information stored in the account. The provider will store and process data in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations as a service provider.

Data is stored in the European Union (EU).


The user submits personal information to the provider to be identified as a user with access to the account. The provider collects personal identifiable information from the user: name, e-mail, phone number and IP-address. The user accepts that the provider can use this information to contact the user with information about the account or promotional information about the service using the provided contact methods.

Other personal information that can be supplied in the account includes:

The client gives the provider access to view data stored in the account when investigating problems and improving the service. Employees of the provider with access to viewing data stored in the account are bound by confidentiality agreement and are prohibited to share this data. The client gives the provider rights to modify data in the account for technical or performance reasons.

The client gives the provider the right to give trusted third-party suppliers that are necessary for delivering the service, such as providers of web-server or database hosting, to access the data in the account. Suppliers are bound by privacy agreements to not share data stored in the account to third parties. These suppliers are data processors of the data stored in the account.

In addition to generic data processing and storage (such as database, web-server, logging) personal information from the account is provided to trusted third-parties for fulfilling some of the features of the service such as:

The provider will also collect behaviour information from the user, the client and end-customers when using the service such as page visits, cookies, and browser information. No data in the account is shared to third parties that are not necessary for delivering the service.

The provider and third parties necessaries to deliver the service will store cookies in the browser of the user and end-customer for identification, settings, and security purposes.

Data in the account can be stored after the account is deleted if required by law.

End-customers can request data export and deletion by contacting the client. Data deletion is depending on applicable laws such as data retention requirements for financial and health data.

Service usage

All usage of the service must comply with laws in the country of the client. If the account is used to send spam or in any other way abused it can result in limited access or deactivation of the the account.


The client can cancel the account at any time. No refunds are given. The provider can cancel the account at any time if the client is in breach of this agreement, otherwise a three months cancellation period applies.

Upon cancellation the account is deactivated. If requested by the client the data in the account can be erased.


The provider is not liable for any loss or damages based on usage of the service. The service is provided as is without any warranties.

Force majeure

If the provider is unable to provide the service due to unforeseen events beyond their control the provider is not liable for any loss or damages.

Right to Amend

The provider can change the terms of this agreement at any time. The current and applicable version of this agreement can be found on For major changes the client will be notified via email or within the service. If the client continues to use the service after the changes to the terms it shall be considered as acceptance to the current terms of service.